BIFR Update

Gujarat Themis Biosyn Limited (GTBL) for which Rehabilitation Scheme was sanctioned by Board for Industrial Reconstruction (BIFR) on 12.01.2012.

  1. The Company under the umbrella of Themis Medicare’s management has started yielding positive results.
  2. The Company has a long term contract with a Pharma major to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).
  3. GTBL started positive profits from September 2012 quarter and thereafter the profits have been consistently on rise.
  4. Whereas in the quarter ended June 2013 profit of Rs. 84.78 lakhs was recorded and for the current quarter ended September 2013 net profit increased to Rs. 121.96 lakhs, sizably surpassing the yearly profit of Rs. 106.98 lakhs for the year 2012-13.
  5. GTBL has complied with majority of BIFR directives and is regular in its repayment of Bank loans.